Our Project and Activities :

Education : 
  • Project Navdisha ( New Path Of Life To Construct The Future..!)
  • SchoolKit Donation Drives ( Education For Everyone )
Health and Awareness :
  • Navjeevan Upkram (Donor's Registration Project for Eye Donation and Blood Donation)
  • Awareness Activities on HIV / AIDS 
  • Health Is Wealth (Children Education in Schools and Slums)
  • Project "Kalpvruksha" 
Women Empowerment :
  • "NIRMITEE" (Women Empowerment and child welfare)
  • SHG Empowerment 
  • Training Programmes For Women 
Our Upcoming Dream Project :
             An Unique shelter for society's abandon peoples like old age, orphans,HIV positive's,handicapped,blinds and mentally disabled or physically challenged. where they can stay together with the help of each-other,Where they can earn for themselves. 
             We need your support to build this project.Hope you support us. to know more about the same please feel free to contact us on -